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Episode 100: Albert Fish & Norman Baker/Crescent Hotel

Today’s episode is a special one because it’s our 100TH EPISODE! We couldn’t have made it here without all of our listeners and supporters, so to show our thanks we’re giving you two stories today. First, Kelli shares the story of one the worst child killers in America’s history, Albert Fish. Albert claims to have tortured and murdered hundreds of children, and while only three of those murders were proven, they were three of the most gruesome crimes against children.

Then, Amelia tells us the history of one of America’s most haunted hotels, the Crescent Hotel. Norman Baker bought the run down hotel in 1937 and turned it into a hospital. After being sent to prison for mail fraud, the hospital was left abandoned for years. It’s now a fully functioning hotel and spa, but you may run into a ghost or two during your stay.

Wine: Barritt's Ginger Beer

Wine: Synchronicity's The Police Red Blend Wine

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