Uncorked Crime is a True Crime Podcast hosted by Michiganders who dive headfirst into true crime stories, unsettling mysteries, hair-raising history, and anything creepy.  From facts to theories, these two sisters, fueled by wine, cover a new case each week! 


Two crime-loving sisters, blended a podcast and book club into one, so you can expect a true crime book review discussion about once a month!  If you’re looking for heart-stopping, knee-knocking crime books, look no further for committed creeps and unsolved murders.


Join these two sisters as they toast to ghosts, creepy stories and all things crime! 

Sit back and prepare for scares…

Meet The  "McGill Girls"


Middle child, white female, age twenty-eight and approximately five foot three, Kelli is petite and appears younger than her age.  Her fear of clowns may not have sparked her interest in true crime, but lo and behold, many of James Patterson’s stand-alone thrillers did!  When Kelli is not listening to her favorite podcast or singing along to Queen, you can most likely find her listening to her stash of vinyl’s or reading in her in-home library.  Financial analyst by day, Kelli enjoys antiquing, being a fur-mama to Major & Thad and enjoying a nice glass (or bottle) of Pinot Grigio!

Favorite Podcast – And That’s Why We Drink, Sword and Scale, Invisible Choir, Dateline, Mystery and Murder: Analysis by Dr. Phil

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Standing at five foot four, a white female, twin and the baby of the family, Amelia is twenty-five and

shares a birthday with the only

brother these three sisters got!  While

in the marketing profession, Amelia brings her creativity home with her

and enjoys craft nights and a glass

of Cabernet Sauvignon, with fur

babies Winston & Kona in close proximity.  Thanks to her mom binge watching every episode of CSI, Amelia developed a curiosity for crime.  She’s all for a good crime story, just keep

he owls away and their evil omens! 

Favorite Podcasts – Sword and Scale, Invisible Choir, Small Town

Murder, The Morning Toast,

Internet Urban Legends

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